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Episode 1- Bales for MJ Bale

We’re all used to walking into a shop and choosing an outfit but what about also choosing the farm where it came from? That’s now possible thanks to a chance meeting between Tasmanian wool grower Simon Cameron and MJ Bale CEO Matt Jensen. The ‘Kingston’ Collection is a single origin range that’s helped the luxury menswear label to call itself - Australia’s first fully carbon-neutral fashion business.

Today we speak with Simon Cameron from Kingston wool and discuss:

Cameron’s favourite place on his merino wool farm in Tasmania.

  • His farm is home to grasslands which are of national significance and he shares why these areas are so important.

  • How he came to be working with MJ Bale, which created revenue to support the preservation of the native grasslands of Tasmania.

  • Why MJ Bale CEO Matt Jensen agreed to financially contribute to the environmental work at Kingston.

  • How Simon became the sole wool provider for MJ Bale’s Kingston Collection.

  • MJ Bale’s ‘Net Zero Now’ program, of which the goal is to go carbon-neutral and Simon explains what this means for his sheep.

  • Overcoming the societal perception of wool and its environmental impact.

  • Why buyers enjoy being able to trace the origins of the fibre they are wearing and Simon’s joy in seeing where his wool ends up.

  • The electronic animal management system ensures the welfare of the sheep on the farm.

  • And finally, Simon shares what he loves most about life on the land.

We hope to see you back on the road soon, to learn more about how Australia grows on the next episode of Australian Farmers: Telling our Story with Angie Asimus.



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