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Pretty Produce

Season 2

How does a photojournalist end up making a living farming flowers? It started with a redundancy, a passion for gardening and a business that simply shines on social media and on the plate. We are talking about edible flowers. Not only are they gorgeous, but they have also hit the mainstream snapped up by cake decorators and chefs who want that something special for their creations. The owner of Pretty Produce Simone Jelley grows around 110 different varieties. She joins me now to discuss these beautiful blooms.

  • Simone’s favourite place on her flower farm at Canungra, in Queensland’s Scenic Rim.

  • She has described both herself and her husband Dave as “borderline nuts” as they have started three farms, from scratch, including on an island.

  • Simone shares how a redundancy changed their lives and prompted them to start a life on the land.

  • Proud owners of Pretty Produce and the types of edible flowers they grow.

  • Simone’s passion for nature has been a life-long obsession and she shares one of her earliest childhood memories.

  • With her background as a photojournalist her Instagram feed is amazing but, what she loves most is the feeling a flower can bring someone.

  • Even through a screen. Simone shares some of the health benefits.

  • One of the newest trends comes from cake decorators and the so-called wild meadow cakes.

  • The seasonality of the flowers and how she dries and presses them to extend their shelf-life.

  • Managing the climate and changes on the farm.

  • So people can reconnect with nature, Simone has created a wildflower forest on their farm, which is open to the public.

  • Simone’s most loved thing about this life she has chosen.

  • The most unexpected thing to happen since taking this path.

  • A common misconception about women and farming.

  • The ultimate dream for the future.

We hope to see you back on the road soon, to learn more about how Australia grows on the next episode of Australian Farmers with Angie Asimus.



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