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Season 3

The humble cabbage may not often receive the kudos it deserves. But for one couple who swapped the hustle and bustle of Sydney for the pristine pastures of Tasmania, these cruciferous vegetables are a hero ingredient. Tom and Sue Glynn might be new to farming but the art of turning cabbage into kimchi is something that’s been passed down for generations. Now, they’re giving customers the chance to do it too with on-farm workshops. The woman behind KimchiME joins me now to discuss: 

  • Sue’s favourite place on her farm and, falling in love with the land. 

  • Deciding on where to move from away from Sydney, it was between New Zealand and Tasmania so, they flipped a coin! 

  • Although the Kimchi recipe was known for generations, farming was fairly new to both Tom and Sue. 

  • Kimchi is a staple Korean cuisine with many different varieties however, the most common is made with cabbage. 

  • Sue shares with us how she came to be a farmer and, how she learnt how to make kimchi from family knowledge.

  • Sharing her recipe online, while diversifying the business with workshops.

  • Sue has two hectares of certified organic land which was prepared by hand! 

  • Tom’s role in the business and why they chose to create a chemical-free product.

  • Sue uses low-cost traditional JADAM Korean soil improvement, and as a result, was nominated for organic grower of the year. 

  • Using organic and chemical-free practices to control pests, like garlic and soap. 

  • Traditionally, Kimchi is made with cabbage, but Sue has made some tweaks to the recipe using root vegetables. 

  • What Sue and Tom love most about the farming life, compared to the hustle of the city. 

  • The most common misconception about life on the land. 

  • Sue’s ultimate dream for the future of KimchiME. 


We hope to see you back on the road soon, to learn more about how Australia grows on the next episode of Australian Farmers with Angie Asimus.









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