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Hemp Collective

Season 2

We so often hear farmers say dairy or wool has been in their blood for generations. However, in the case of hemp, producers are having to start from scratch. When Maxine Shea was diagnosed with a rare pituitary brain tumour, she desperately wanted hemp for treatment. Accessing it though was not easy, so she and her partner Mike starting growing it themselves. Now they run The Hemp Collective out of the NSW Byron Bay region. It hasn’t been easy, not just learning how to harvest the product, but also external challenges from COVID, to floods, to fire. Despite all that, they are so passionate about this product and correcting some of the misinformation. To help us learn more about this emerging industry, Maxine joins me today to discuss

  • Located in the beautiful Byron Bay region, Maxine shares her favourite location.

  • Maxine entered the hemp industry with no experience, borne out of a very challenging time in her own life.

  • After being diagnosed with a rare pituitary brain tumour, she found hemp seed oil was a natural treatment but, discovered it was difficult to access.

  • To break down this barrier, Maxine established The Hemp Collective as natural approach for health.

  • She breaks down the differences between hemp and cannabis saying, think of them as cousins – similar DNA but not the same.’

  • The wide range of hemp applications as it produces flower, seed and fibre.

  • The hemp growing industry climate in Australia and some of the unique challenges they face.

  • Managing the lack of public education and confusion around what the product actually is and, how Maxine wishes to change this.

  • How this wonderful powerful plant has changed Maxine’s life personally.

  • Although the industry is challenging, Maxine shares the joy she receives from educating the public and sharing the health benefits.

  • The largest misconceptions around the industry.

  • Maxine created a Hemp Education course to support others on their journey.

  • The most unexpected thing to happen since starting The Hemp Collective

  • Maxine’s ultimate dream for the future of hemp in Australia.

We hope to see you back on the road soon, to learn more about how Australia grows on the next episode of Australian Farmers with Angie Asimus.



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