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Golden North

Season 2

As the days become warmer, our taste buds often get cooler. Ice cream conjures memories of Aussie summers, days at the beach and childhood. South Australian kids have been growing up with one particular brand for 100 years. Golden North started as a true family business and has grown to keep up with demand. It’s won the Canstar Blue Award for Australia’s Favourite Ice Cream Tub for six years and is officially considered an Icon of the State. The company’s Sales and Marketing Director Dimi Kyriazis joins me to discuss:

  • Dimi’s favourite ice-cream flavour at Golden North or favourite way to eat it – or even a favourite memory that involved it?

  • This is a true medium Australian business, which started in 1880 and has been on the forefront of innovation since it started.

  • Golden North is located in Laura – 240 km north of Adelaide which is where the ice cream is still produced today!

  • Golden North was actually the first company to introduce pasteurised milk to this part of South Australia and had the longest milk run in the world.

  • How the company developed over time as the technology morphed – a lot has changed in 100 years.

  • The Golden North ownership story and, why Dimi wanted to be a part of it.

  • Their ethos of business and how it has allowed a small company to compete with larger producers

  • In 2018, Golden North was awarded the Canstar Blue Award for Australia’s Favourite Ice Cream Tub – they have now won 6 years in a row!

  • What Dimi loves most about the world of ice cream.

  • Ice Cream has strong memory associations for most and Dimi shares some customer stories.

  • Unexpected aspects of Dimi’s journey so far.

  • The most common misconception.

  • What the next 100 years look like for Golden North.


We hope to see you back on the road soon, to learn more about how Australia grows on the next episode of Australian Farmers with Angie Asimus.






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