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Going Bananas

Season 2

In sugar-cane and banana country, a Queensland farmer is striving to connect with customers through cutting edge technology that tracks every bunch of bananas from the farm to the fruit bowl. Carbon neutral bananas and protecting the Great Barrier Reef from run-off are also in his sights. A task that has now received a huge boost with a $445 000 grant through the Coles Nurture Fund. The family-run business is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of innovation as they strive for cleaner and more sustainable processes. The owner of Bartle Frere Bananas, Gavin Devaney joins me to discuss:

  • Gavin’s favourite place on his property in North Queensland growing Bananas.

  • What motivates Gavin as a third-generation farmer, and someone who has seen the industry change over the years.

  • Dealing with the regular cyclones and weather events in Queensland is a constant challenge.  

  • Tracking Bananas from growth, all the way to market, with ‘Geolocation.’

  • The Smart Farming Project

  • Gavin shares how he received the Coles Nurture Fund Grant and, his plans for it.

  • Implementing the best practices for the sake of the future of farming in Australia.

  • The future for carbon-neutral bananas.

  • Gavin shares although there are challenges in farming, the life skills he has gained are invaluable.

  • How Gavin is protecting the Great Barrier Reef from run-off.

  • What Gavin loves most about farming bananas.

  • Misconceptions of growing bananas and the industry in general.

  • The issues around misinformation and, how we can gain the truth.

  • The impact of COVID on the farming community and how Gavin had to manage his staff.

  • The ultimate dream for the future.


We hope to see you back on the road soon, to learn more about how Australia grows on the next episode of Australian Farmers with Angie Asimus.







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