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Episode 8 - Asian Veggies In The Top End

Imagine fleeing your homeland with nothing but what you could carry and starting a new life in another country. That’s what the Pham family decided to do when they left Vietnam for Australia in 1987. Through lots of hard work and a little creativity, they’ve progressed from farm hands to land owners, operating a successful vegetable farm in Darwin specialising in Asian greens and green mangoes. We speak with Chris Pham who has just taken over the family business from his parents and is proud to be a second-generation farmer.

  • Chris’ parents arrived in Australia in 1987, after being in a refugee camp in Malaysia, and Chris shares his first memories of Australia.

  • The decision to move their family to Darwin some 10 years later.

  • Eventually, the Pham family saved enough money to buy a small farm - 20 acres in Humpty Doo.

  • Chris initially did not take over the farm, instead working in Melbourne for 7 years in banking.

  • The reason Chris came back to the family farm to become a second-generation farmer.

  • Now, Chris’s father has retired so Chris has taken over the running of the farm with his own family.

  • The family farm operation and the produce they grow.

  • Chris’ learnings from his father and, the new techniques and technologies he plans to implement.

  • The brand ‘NexGen Produce’ and the significance of that name for Chris.

  • Mango production in Australia and Chris’ experience of growing produce from seed.

  • Work-life balance as one aspect of life on the land that Chris loves.

  • The most common misconceptions of being a second-generation farmer.

  • The future of NexGen Produce.

We hope to see you back on the road soon, to learn more about how Australia grows on the next episode of Australian Farmers – Telling Our Story with Angie Asimus.



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