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Episode 46 - Busy Bees

Honey is a true gift of nature and the busy bees that make it are impressive and fascinating. That love of bees has taken Charlie Casido around the world - until the 1990s when he and his wife decided to migrate to Australia from the Philippines. It was at Orange in the Central West of NSW they started their business called Australian Queen Bee Line, selling honey, queen bees and offering pollinating services. There’s a lot to navigate as an apiarist at the moment – especially with the Varroa Mite emergency response in full swing. Today Charlie Casido and his daughter Carol discuss:

  • As a family of Bee Keepers Charlie Casido and his daughter Carol share their favourite place on the farm.

  • Some facts about Bees – they can travel 5 kilometres in a single day’s work.

  • Australian Queen Bee Line honey and honeycomb have reached shops and stores around the world and what an achievement this is for a local Australian business.

  • Breeding between 40 to 45 thousand bees a year in Australia and overseas.

  • Queen Bees for sale and how the Varroa Mite emergency has impacted the bees.

  • We all love honey but Carol explains why bees are also so important to crops and vegetation regeneration which livestock rely on.

  • Varroa Mite is the biggest threat to our bees and how we can protect them.

  • Providing pollination for farmers where they transport between 20 and 4000 hives to farms to pollinate their crops.

  • How we, as consumers and amateur bee-keepers can help.

  • We find out that crystals in your honey is natural – just warm it in a container of warm water.

  • Their favourite thing about working with bees.

  • The weather has been the most unexpected aspect of bee keeping.

  • The most common misconception about honey.

  • Ultimate dream for the future of Australian Queen Bee Line.

We hope to see you back on the road soon, to learn more about how Australia grows on the next episode of Australian Farmers with Angie Asimus.



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