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Episode 42 - White Strawberries

Imagine going to work with hundreds of new strawberry prototypes awaiting taste testing. That’s all in a day’s work for Australia’s leading strawberry breeder. Senior Scientist Dr Jodi Neal and her team have just perfected one that is pretty special. It’s a stunning white colour with bright red seeds and tastes a little like a pina colada! How did they do it? When can we buy it? So many questions. To learn more about this intriguing fruit, Queensland’s Department of Agriculture has kindly shared Dr Neal with us for this episode. Today we discuss:

  • Dr Jodi shares, of all the places she works in the lab or on site, her favourite location.

  • The story of the white strawberry and its striking appearance.

  • The different varieties of strawberries and their various benefits.

  • Perfecting the colour started with a white wild strawberry which was crossed with other varieties to create pink and white strawberries.

  • The pineapple flavour of the white strawberry, which is actually closer to the fruit’s traditional taste.

  • Dr Neal shares her top tips for picking out the perfect strawberry.

  • Creating strawberries which are able to withstand disease, have a good shelf life and thrive in our hot climate.

  • When these pink and white strawberries will be available on our shelves.

  • What Dr Jodi loves most about working in this field.

  • The most unexpected thing to happen as she has developed these new strawberries.

  • Most common misconception about what Dr Jodi Neal does.

  • The ultimate dream for the future.

We hope to see you back on the road soon, to learn more about how Australia grows on the next episode of Australian Farmers with Angie Asimus.



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