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Episode 39 - Sundressed

Today we are speaking with a fashion editor, columnist and author who says natural fibres are the answer to fashion’s climate crisis. Think wool, cotton, flax, silk, hemp and cashmere. There are amazing regenerative farms and fashion houses already changing the industry and in turn the way we all shop and dress. It is possible to wear beautiful clothes and improve the environment at the same time. To gain rare insight into the world of sustainable fashion Lucianne Tonti joins me having just released her beautiful new book called Sundressed featuring excerpts of interviews with farmers from all over the world about their best practice operations. We discuss:

The pivotal moment or a turning point where Lucianne thought it was time to push for change in fashion.

Lucianne recently published her gorgeous book ‘Sundressed’ where she describes fashion as having the potential to be more than just sustainable.

The versatility of natural fibres which goes way beyond the cable knit jumpers many of us may associate with wool, for example.

Some of the farmers and their best practices of natural fibre production around the world.

Australian wool growers in particular, have impressed Lucianne and she shares the improvements these farmers are using to regenerate the land.

The premise behind the sustainable fashion site ‘Prelude’ and how it was received.

The general attitude towards fast fashion and the changes Lucianne has seen in this space.

Some of the big fashion houses are becoming more interested in working with these natural fibres, which is great for the industry.

So, why does it matter where our clothes come from?

Lucianne’s advice for people thinking about their own wardrobes for the next season and her top tips!

We hope to see you back on the road soon, to learn more about how Australia grows on the next episode of Australian Farmers with Angie Asimus.



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