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Episode 32 - For the Love of Farming

TThis is no doubt a love story. The story of a city boy’s love of agriculture that lead him to pursue a career in corporate ag. Then, falling in love with his now wife who happened to be a farmer’s daughter with a desire to take on the family business. James Knight made the brave decision to face his own personal demons to take up an integral role in running the primarily beef cattle property at The Sisters south of Mortlake in Southwest Victoria. He’s taken that opportunity and run with it - operating the farm through a strategic lens with a focus on innovative techniques and technology like AgriWebb. Today we discuss:

  • Home base is James’ favourite place on the farm with his wife and two beautiful children.

  • James describes ‘getting the bug for agriculture’ at a young age despite growing up in the city.

  • In Year 10, James went so far as to tell his mother he wanted to leave school and become a Jackaroo.

  • After eventually graduating from school, James studied at the University of New England where he completed his Rural Science Degree.

  • James shares a low time in his life, and how corporate agriculture re-invigorated his headspace.

  • James is now full time on his wife’s family farm and shares how this came about and the different roles within the family business.

  • The operation on the farm is beef production, with three farm locations and over 2,200 hectares in South West Victoria.

  • Expanding the business with a new land purchase.

  • Introducing AgriWebb technology which, at the end of the day, results in a more cost effective and efficient farm.

  • The rewarding nature of the work is what James loves most about the land.

  • Some of the unexpected aspects of living on the land in contrast with city life.

  • The biggest misconception about agriculture.

  • Soil health and the importance of monitoring carbon.

  • The future for James and his family.

We hope to see you back on the road soon, to learn more about how Australia grows on the next episode of Australian Farmers with Angie Asimus.



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