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Episode 3 - Kimo Estate

This story starts with a father and son, a bottle of red wine and a hilltop. What came from that afternoon is the Instagram sensation that is JR’s Eco Hut at Kimo Estate in the South West Slopes of NSW. It’s an Air BnB project David Ferguson credits with drought and flood proofing his family farm, giving them a stable income all year round. But opening up this working sheep and cattle property to the public has also unexpectedly helped bridge a divide between the city and country. No curated cattle or petting zoos here. It’s fair dinkum and visitors have been surprised by what they see. Today we speak with David Ferguson from Kimo Estate and discuss:

  • David Ferguson’s favourite place on the farm and the history of Kimo Estate established in 1832.

  • The early 2000s delivered one of the worst droughts recorded since European settlement and the impact of such events.

  • David and his wife have backgrounds in building, photography, sales and hospitality and so began Kimo Eco Huts.

  • The impact of the pandemic and the important part the Eco Huts have played on the financial stability of the farm.

  • The unique plan and design of the Eco Huts as a self-sufficient and fully sustainable product.

  • Making it into Australian Traveller’s ‘Top 100 Unique Stays’ in the country in 2021.

  • Reconnecting city folk back to the country and educating the public.

  • David shares what it means to him to be a guardian of Kimo Estate.

  • And finally, what David Ferguson loves most about living on the land and his bold plans for the future.

We hope to see you back on the road soon, to learn more about how Australia grows on the next episode of Australian Farmers with Angie Asimus. Links:


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