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Episode 2 - Next Generation Grain Growing

Season 2

Managing a family farm comes with big responsibility but my guest today has not only excelled in the running of Barunga Grains near Bute on the Northern Yorke Peninsula of South Australia – he’s made it his own. Technology has opened up a wealth of information many operators won’t even know exists. His work has just earned him a gong in the Farmer of the Year Awards where he won the Excellence in Technology category. James Venning is the man behind the data and joins me now. We discuss:

  • James’ favourite place on the family farm.

  • He specialises in many crops including wheat, barley, canola and lentils, and how consumers have driven change in the market.

  • On the 4700 ha family farm, James shares how the sandy soil impacts the growing nature of the crops.

  • James’ experience of growing up on the family farm and why he wanted to build a life there.

  • How the humble lentil sparked James’ interest in technology which led him to introduce new practices with a technological focus.

  • The innovations James is most proud of and, how they work.

  • James has been able to map his farm’s PH through a process called ‘soil sensing.’

  • Utilising other tools like farm weather stations, a protein machine on the harvester and even satellite imagery.

  • James’ observations of technology like his being introduced to farms and, how the older generations are embracing the changes.

  • Volunteering his farm for various trials and leading by example when it comes to embracing change.

  • James’ favourite thing about life on the land.

  • The most unexpected thing to happen on the farm

  • Common misconceptions about life on the land.

  • James’ ultimate dream for the future of the family farm.

We hope to see you back on the road soon, to learn more about how Australia grows on the next episode of Australian Farmers with Angie Asimus. Links: Angie Asimus Connect with @angieasimus on Instagram Partnered with Australian Farmers Follow @australianfarmers On Instagram Produced by Pretty Podcasts

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