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Episode 16 - Where the Outback meets the Tropics

On a remote farm about 320 kilometres outside Darwin, mangoes grow by the truckload. But the owner of Foxalicious Fruit decided to try something new – adding asparagus into the mix. It turns out, the unique climate poses unexpected challenges like the need to pick the vegetable up to three times a day because it grows so quickly. Mangoes and asparagus are an unlikely combination but a source of great passion for my guest, Andrew Dalglish. Today, we discuss:

  • Andrew’s favourite place on his farm in the Northern Territory.

  • He is a very popular man as a grower of mangoes and shares his love of connection with consumers.

  • There is nothing more labour intense than asparagus on Andrew’s farm as it needs to be cut twice a day and can grow 20cm a day.

  • Growing produce in Katherine and, the environmental factors needed for a good season.

  • Seasonal workers, Covid travel restrictions and, weather conditions on the farm over the recent past.

  • Selling produce through Woolworths and local markets, Andrew loves putting his personal contact details on all packaging so consumers can reach out.

  • ‘I think, Organics put the fun back into farming’ says Andrew and, the rewards of farming this way.

  • The awards Foxalicious Fruit has won for soil health and plant nutrition.

  • The difference between Organic and Certified Organic.

  • For Andrew, his favourite thing about life on the land is maintaining the soil health.

  • The importance of soil health for the future generations.

  • The human element of farming and, some of the craziest things to happen on the farm.

  • The importance of children learning where their food comes from.

  • Andrew’s ultimate dream for the future is to see soil health improve nationwide.

We hope to see you back on the road soon, to learn more about how Australia grows on the next episode of Australian Farmers with Angie Asimus.



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