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Ability Agriculture

Season 2

When you picture a farmer in your mind’s eye, maybe a certain image comes up each time. My guest today has made it her mission to change perceptions around people with a disability in the industry. She developed an online platform to raise awareness of and provide opportunities for people living with disabilities. It’s a cause close to her heart after a devastating accident in her own family. Founder of Ability Agriculture Josie Clarke is today’s guest. We discuss:

  • Josie grew up on a farm and shares her favourite aspect of the property.

  • She is an agronomist, researcher and is a PhD Candidate in gene editing for crop improvement.

  • Josie’s father became a paraplegic when she was young. Josie shares how this experience shaped her to become a disability advocate.

  • Josie’s passion comes from a desire to change the stereotypes surrounding agriculture and disabilities.

  • The Ability Agriculture program.

  • Some of the adaptations or support systems Josie has seen implemented over the last 20 years.

  • Josie explains the areas in which we can improve; mental health, social support and mental disabilities.

  • Her work lead to being named the 2022 NSW/ACT AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award Winner and, where she plans to focus her winnings.

  • What Josie loves most about rural life.

  • The most unexpected thing to happen while working in this space.

  • Common misconceptions about disabilities in agriculture.

  • The ultimate dream for the future of Ability Agriculture.

We hope to see you back on the road soon, to learn more about how Australia grows on the next episode of Australian Farmers with Angie Asimus.



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